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Welcome to Anime Badass, the best anime store online that has all your favorite anime stuff for sale. Whether you’ve been watching anime since you were a little kid or whether you just got into it recently, Anime Badass is the place to go when you’re looking for high-quality, low-priced anime merch from your favorite franchises.

So, what franchises will you find anime merchandise for? Well, you’ll find stuff from all your Shounen Jump faves—including Death Note, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Punch Man, Dragon Ball, Fairy Tail, and One Piece—on this website. You can, however, also find stuff from My Neighbor Totoro, Attack on Titan, and Tokyo Ghoul, a newer, but equally amazing franchise featuring cannibalistic superpowered human-like creatures.

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You can find all of this—and more—in this particular anime shop online. In fact, no matter what kind of anime accessories you’re looking for—whether that’s anime apparel or anime clothes, cheap anime figures, anime gifts, anime shirts, anime figures, anime action figures, or anime toys—you can find it here on Anime Badass. The website has hundreds upon hundreds of items to choose from, including toys and action figures, cosplay pieces, plushies and stuffed animals, all kinds of clothes—from shirts and sweaters to jackets, cloaks, and jogging pants—keychains, stickers of all kinds, posters, mouse pads and mugs, bed sets, and ever-popular phone cases.

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For example, are you looking for anime products that you can wear? If so, all kinds are available—from shirts and jackets to jogging pants, sweater and shirts to cosplay sandals, sneakers decorated with the logos of your favorite franchises, and casual clothed emblazoned with popular anime characters. In particular you can find a lot of anime shirts cheap, with images of your favorite characters in both cool battle poses and fun, relaxed, chibi-inspired poses. Whether you get an image of Naruto’s Kakashi looking threatening or a shirt that mimics the orange outfit Dragon Ball’s Goku wears (including the black Japanese writing in the center), you’ll find something which is as authentic as it is comfortable—and at an affordable price to boot.

Looking for small novelty items and collectibles? We already mentioned the keyrings and keychains available on the site; these are a great way of gathering car and house keys, gym passes, employee badges, and other cards or keys together in one safe place. The ones on the site show icons and characters from your favorite series. If, on the other hand, you prefer something cute and adorable, plushies are where it’s at. The plushies and stuffed animals on the site represent characters from Naruto only, but that doesn’t make them any less cute-even if these characters’ normal forms are scary and menacing.

Other novelties at this anime store include phone cases: expect to see characters and iconography from franchises like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, and Tokyo Ghoul. Just pretend that the characters on these cases—you’ll see all of your faves, like Goku (in both regular and Super Saiyan forms), Tony Tony Chopper, Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, Sakura, and Shikamaru—are protecting your iPhone as you go about your day. Their poses and outfits certainly make them look like protectors or guardians (in addition to the fact that they’re powerful heroes and warriors in their own right).

Also notable are the posters, stickers, and mugs on the website. The mugs are particularly good because you can use them to sip your favorite drinks, in addition to showing off your love for your fandom. There are also color-changing mugs, which are mugs that feature a pattern, color or design that changes color when a hot drink is poured into the mug. As for the posters and wall art—you’ll find both wall stickers and wall art made out of canvas—they will help you decorate your bare walls with items that both look cool and show off your own unique sense of home-decorating style.

And as for the stickers, you can use these to decorate or adorn anything you want, from laptops and phone cases to your computer tower, sticker books, keychains, copybooks and planners, instrument cases, calculators, ereader devices, and containers or storage bins. There are also stickers that have been designed specifically to class up your windows, and other glass surfaces. Basically, almost anything that you can imagine decorating can have a sticker placed on it.

Want to decorate your room? If so, there are multiple options available to you: anime-themed mouse pads, bed sets, posters, wall stickers and wall canvas art, and plushies are the best examples. These are great examples of items that will not only look excellent in your room—and up your style game by adding some color, style and life to an otherwise boring space—but that will also help you work on your collections of items from your favorite anime and manga series. After all, haven’t you always wanted to be a 100% completionist?

There are also high-quality cheap anime figures on the site, as well as anime statues; of particular note are the lines of figures by Nendoroid, which is well-known for its cute, adorable, and high-quality anime action figures. The site offers anime figures for sale—statues, figurines and toys—from franchises like Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball, and One Piece. While some of these figurines are drawn in a cute, even kawaii style, many of them are action figures inspired by battle and the free flow of movement.

Another great thing about this anime shop is that shipping is free to the vast majority of countries in the world. So, if you live in someplace with exceedingly high shipping rates, like South Sudan, Tajikistan, or my own homeland of Canada, then you’ll be ecstatic with this news. The lack of paid shipping means that the price you see after taxes are calculated is the only price you’ll pay—rather than some supposedly-final price that inflates once shipping fees have been added to it. From this plethora of cheap anime merchandise, you’ll also benefit from a customer-friendly money-back guarantee—you have forty-five days to get your money back if you’re not satisfied with a product—and helpful customer service reps who can help resolve any problem that comes up when using the site or ordering products from it.

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