Akatsuki Cosplay

You know who’s cool in the Naruto franchise? The Akatsuki. Sure they’re evil, but does it really matter when we’re just talking about fictional characters? And even if does, so what? There’s no doubt that this band of villains is plain evil—they are trying to take over the world, after all—but there’s something so awesomely cool about them—and, of course, their outfits.

If you’d like to emulate the Akatsuki on your own terms, you can definitely do so with an Akatsuki cosplay. These feature pieces like their traditional robes—black, ankle-length, with high collars, red clouds, and a thick red band running down the line of the buttons—their various rings, which are all different depending on the member being portrayed, and even cool cosplay wigs so that you can perfectly represent your favorite member of this evil tribe.

You can also get a hooded version of the robe, which will help obscure your face—and your identity. And hey, speaking of headgear, you can even get an Akatsuki cosplay hat, made out of bamboo, which resembles a traditional Japanese hat (think of Raiden, the god of thunder and lightning, in Mortal Kombat).

Of course, doing an Akatsuki cosplay depends on which member you’d like to emulate: after all, there’s no reason to just toss on the black robe, or a necklace with the red cloud icon, and leave it at that. So you can get the full cosplay for each of the members; Anime Badass offers that option, so you can dress up like one of your favorite members—Deidara, Pain, Tobi, Hidan, or Sasori—with very little effort. These cosplay sets feature the robe, the ring, a headband, a large kunai (ninja dagger), a small kunai, a shuriken (throwing star), a bag of weapons, and their shoes.

Basically, everything you would need for a high-quality cosplay is included in these sets. There’s even a cosplay for Sasuke in his Akatsuki outfit: it includes the robe, his purple-blue belt of rope, and his black pants. But you can also find a simpler set for your cosplay: the website also offers one which includes a ring, a headband, and a robe, and which is not tailored to any specific member of the Akatsuki.

If, however, you’d like to build your Akatsuki cosplay “from scratch,” you can choose the items individually. For example, here on Anime Badass, we offer all ten of their rings, so choosing the jewelry is easy. (And speaking of jewelry, if you’re cosplaying as Itachi, his iconic necklace with silver circles is offered as well.) So if you’re doing Deidara, you’ll want a wig with his iconic blond updo; Sasori, the dark red spikes. Anime Badass offers both wigs.

If you don’t want to build your cosplay from scratch—or even cosplay at all—you can just get regular items with the iconic Akatsuki logo on them. Thus, for example, you can find shoes, pants, T-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks with a pocket for your laptop, shorts, and bomber jackets. There are so many items to choose from to represent your admiration for this criminal syndicate.

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