Naruto Backpack

I think we can all agree that the Naruto backpack is one of the coolest things ever. Video-game characters and RPG avatars can store anything they want in them—nearly infinite money, cool weapons, and healing supplies galore—and, let’s face it, you’re pretty much in the same situation. After all (if you’re anything like me), you put your entire life into your backpack: important documents, homework, umbrellas, an extra jacket, your work uniform... The list goes on.

If you’re a Naruto fan—and, perhaps more importantly, a backpack fan—then you’ll love getting a Naruto backpack. You can get backpacks anywhere, but these ones in particular are great because they display icons and images from your favorite anime and manga franchise. They can be found in any number of colors and styles, and you can get ones that are made out of canvas, plastic, or other related materials.

If you’re looking for a Naruto backpack, then you’ll want to check out the ones available on Anime Badass. There are all kinds that can be found here: one with Naruto, from Shippuden, riding Gamakichi, the giant red toad, with a giant sheathed weapon on his back, while he flashes a calm peace sign. On another, you’ll see Naruto flashing hand signs for a jutsu he’s about to perform (and kick butt with). Another backpack is black, white, and burgundy: it features an older Sasuke doing a cool, motion-heavy pose as he withdraws his sword, featured on top of a blood-spattered background. It even says his last name, “Uchiha,” in a gothic white font in a diagonal script.

And speaking of Sasuke and the Uchiha, you’ll see his family crest, which resembles a red fan with a white base, on a the upper flap of a beige backpack. The Naruto backpack is interesting because it’s flat any rectangular in shape, with cute-looking faux leather snaps that you can use to close it in a satisfying and secure way.

Another model of backpack features Naruto wielding a ball of bright blue energy, directly facing the viewer, as though he’s engaging in battle with them. And still other backpacks feature the logo of the Hidden Leaf Village, done in a brilliant blue outline, printed on the bottom section of the backpack. Depending on which backpack you choose, you can get it in multiple colors, like black green, bright blue, galactic blue, and a smoky gray. Other Naruto backpacks feature cuter and more artsy graphics: there’s one with a chibi kind of version of Naruto sleeping with the bright orange nine-tailed fox demon; an image of Sasuke in a similarly chibi style; and a galactic-looking design showcasing the amazingness of Sasuke Uchiha.

Also, gym bags are available; these feature the logo of the Hidden Leaf Village and Naruto’s first name, done up in a cool-looking font. They are white on top of black, and feature drawstrings, so that you can easily store all your stuff with the pull of a rope. There is also an orange model offered, which adds some nice Naruto-style colors to your gym workout.

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