Naruto Bracelet

If you love an anime or a manga—or a video game, or a book series, or any other kind of media—then one great way of showing your love is by wearing a bracelet that represents the fandom. And if the fandom is Naruto, then, fortunately for you, there are lots of bracelets that can represent your love for the franchise.

One basic pattern that is popular for Naruto bracelets is the pattern of Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves, which also serves in some respects as a logo for the first series. The bracelets with this pattern feature a metallic piece, rectangular in shape, which has been threaded onto a quilted black band, which is made of leather. The metal plate is the color of brass or dark gold, and the Konoha logo is upraised against it. The plate is flanked on either side by thick rectangular bands in the same metallic color. This kind of Naruto bracelet is a charm bracelet, and features a toggling mechanism for the clasps, making it relatively easy to take on and off.

If you’re a fan of the Konoha logo, another model of Naruto bracelet features the logo placed on a silver-colored metallic-type piece, this one with rounded edges, which has been attached to a belt-like black band. The band is made out of acrylic and features studded silver-colored pieces that resemble buttons. The metal is a zinc alloy, and the whole bracelet together offers a geometric design. Like the other kinds of Naruto bracelets, this particular model is unisex in style, ideal for both girls and guys. It’s also not unlike a punk or goth bracelet, like something you might find at Hot Topic (before Hot Topic started selling Naruto merchandise, that is).

Another kind of Naruto bracelet features several thinner bracelets pulled together into one piece. More specifically, they feature black cords, both thick and thin, with a clasp on the back. In front, the cords come together to showcase the icon in the center of the band. Depending on the model of bracelet, this icon can be anything from the franchise: the Konoha logo, of course, but also the logo of the Akatsuki or any of the symbols that represent the Sharingan and the Rinnegan jutsu eye abilities. The latter symbols are available in different colors, depending on the jutsu being represented, and as such they may be red, green, or purple.

While we’re on the subject of the bracelets representing the Sharingan and Rinnegan abilities, these feature the multiple-bracelet structure of the other models. Quilted models are on the outer rim, whereas the center band is thicker and flat. This band has also been threaded with several black and silver beads—three on each side—which serve to enhance the appearance of the central icon of the jutsu. These bracelets are available in different sizes, and also include icons like the Uchiha family logo and a version of yin and yang, outlined in glowing green. They are wrap bracelets that are worn by wrapping the rope around the bracelet to get the right size.

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