Naruto Hat

You know what’s cool? Hats. Whether it’s a baseball cap, fedora hat, trilby, stovepipe top hat, or deerstalker (think: Sherlock Holmes), hats are incredibly cool and stylish. And, most of the time, you can wear any kind of hat you want—people might look at you funny if you wear an anime T-shirt, but no one will bat an eyelid if you wear a hat emblazoned with imagery from your favorite anime.

So why not get a Naruto hat? This franchise of anime and manga is one of the most popular ones out there for a reason: it’s simply very good. It tells the stories of young ninjas-in-training who become stronger, both in terms of their abilities and their inner strength, as they go deeper into their training, eventually saving everyone they know and accomplishing their wildest dreams.

But another reason the classic Naruto hat is a great choice is because the imagery and the various art styles are both quite nice. They’re bright in color, allow the different characters to be easily distinguished, and are instantly recognizable to everyone, whether or not that person is a fan.

If you’d like to show off your love for the anime and the manga (or, for that matter, the video games), you can do so by donning a Naruto hat. Many examples of hats, generally baseball caps, are offered on this website, Anime Badass. For example, some common hats are orange-red in color and feature the title of the show, along with the logo of Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village. Another popular model of hat is the Naruto Luminous Galaxy Cap, which features the same Hidden Leaf logo in brilliant blue, overlaid on top of a colorful galactic pattern. Another cap is more modern: it is black and gray in color, but the front of it features the word “Naruto” in a modern, stylish logo multiple times, in both white and yellow.

Another hat of interest is the black one, which—depending on the model you choose—may have different logos on it. For example, one model has the Konoha logo in bright blue, whereas another has one of the red circular logos of the Sharingan eye technique. Another hat is black as well, but is covered in the red clouds of the villainous Akatsuki clan. And, if you like the Akatsuki, another black cap features their logo—the Konoha village logo with a strikethrough run through it, thus representing the same scars on their headbands—in a white outline.

Cosplay hats aren’t baseball caps, but they’re just as useful as those—if not more useful, since you can buy one and thus finish your long-awaited-for cosplay. Thus, there’s a traditional Akatsuki hat—made out of bamboo, it resembles the hat worn in traditional Japan, and resembles the one worn by Mortal Kombat’s Raiden—and one which is meant for Gaara, a ninja-in-training from the sand village. This cosplay hat somewhat resembles a graduation hat in white and blue, with Japanese writing in blue on the top, but it has white pieces that dangle downward, as though to offer protection from the hot sun. This cosplay hat is also available in white and red, to represent Naruto, but the writing has a different meaning, and this time is drawn in red.

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