Naruto Earrings

Would you like to show off your love for the universe of the Naruto franchise in a beautiful, stylish way? If so, then you should wear Naruto earrings. All kinds of styles are offered in online stores, but one of the best virtual storefronts where you can find Naruto earrings is the Anime Badass website.

Here, you can find lots of earrings commemorating your favorite characters and symbols in the franchise. For example, there’s a pair of chibi earrings with Kakashi’s face and crazy anime hair on them. How cute! There are earrings with the logo of Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village, on them: these are available in yellow gold, gold, silver, and black. The latter three in particular are available in models made with titanium. There’s also another set, one silver and one black in color, with the same logo. Another silver model of Konoha earrings are studs, circular in shape, with a size of 14 millimeters.

Another model of Naruto earrings available on this website is one with the red clouds of the Akatsuki group of evil ninjas, which you can see on their cool Akatsuki cloaks. This set of red earrings will look so adorable when they’re dangling from your ears. These dangling icons match well with the other Naruto icon stud earrings available on the website: there are some with the logo of the Uchiha clan (a traditional, stylized red Japanese-style fan with a white base), one of the red-and-black logos of the Sharingan eye-based jutsu abilities, one with the Kyuubi fox-tailed demon, and another set of red Akatsuki clouds, though these ones are studs instead of ones that dangle.

There is also a set of Mangekyou Sharingan symbols; this refers to an advanced form of the Sharingan which has only been used by a few members of the Uchiha family clan. These earrings are available in several colors, including red, light purple, and dark purple. Different symbols of the various Mangekyou Sharingan are represented here, including a red Tomoe symbol, among others. For these rings, you can also choose the main color of the stone, so that (depending on which you choose), it’s silver, gold, or bronze. The clip in the back is also a matching color, so that both pieces fit together.

Not only are these earrings stylish, but they’re also very reasonably priced, with costs ranging from 9.99 to 10.95 in American dollars. As well, shipping on the Anime Badass website is absolutely free, no matter where you’re having your items shipped to—even if you’re having them shipped to your home halfway across the world. This is great because (as I and, I’m sure, many of you can attest to) shipping is expensive if you’re having stuff delivered to less common destinations (basically, anywhere outside the US or China)—sometimes even as much, or more, than the initial price of the product itself. But you won’t get any of that with Anime Badass, where international shipping is always free, no matter how inexpensive your order is.

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