Naruto Ninja Headband

One of the more interesting fashion aspects associated with the Naruto franchise is the headbands all the ninjas and ninjas-in-training wear. These headbands feature a silver plaque on the front, which feature a logo of the village that the ninja comes from—whether it’s the village of sand, of sound, the village hidden in the leaves (Konoha), and so forth—and are generally black or navy below the plaque.

Another cool thing about the Naruto ninja headband—other than the fact that it’s easy to make one yourself, should you be so inclined—is that you can easily find versions online that are of great quality. One example is the Naruto ninja headband, and others, that are listed on the Anime Badass website. Of course you’ll find replicas of Naruto’s own headband, which are adorned with the logo of Konoha and which have black fabric bands behind the plaques.

But on the website you can also find headbands for other characters in the franchise. One example is the one for Itachi—Sasuke’s villainous brother and member of the Akatsuki—which features his village logo (Konoha) with a scar run through it, as is the case with every other Naruto ninja headband owned by the Akatsuki. This same model of headband is also available with the logos of other villages on it, without the scar running through the plaque. It’s also available in a wide variety of colors, including red, yellow, and a medium shade of blue. Some of the plaques have spikes protruding outward from the surface, showing off their badassery and coolness.

Another kind of Naruto headband found on the Anime Badass website is the Sasuke-style headband, which again is available in multiple colors and styles. For example, this type of headband—which features logos of the various ninja villages located in the world of Naruto—can be purchased with fabric bands in black, blue, and red. Models with the scar running through it, as per the Akatsuki, are available, as are those with a red logo on a silver plaque, rather than a logo with a black outline.

A further kind of Naruto headband is the set that includes not only a headband (the one of the Hidden Leaf Village, to be precise), but also a replica of Lady Tsunade’s necklace, with either a blue or a green crystal, and a signet ring adorned with one of the scarlet logos of the Sharingan eye jutsu. Finally, you can also find a cosplay set that includes Naruto’s headband, a kunai, a gold-colored shuriken, an Akatsuki signet ring of the same kind, and a replica of the same necklace. This set is cool because you can pretend to be different characters in the Naruto franchise with only a few items.

These examples, and others, of the Naruto headband are great because you can use them to show off your love for the franchise, whether at a convention, as part of a cosplay, or even when hanging out with your friends. There’s no obligation to wear them simply when you’re going to a fandom-related event: they’re comfy enough to simply slip on when it’s colder outside and you’d like a little protection for your forehead (and ears).

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