Naruto Jewelry

Jewelry is a good of expressing your fashion style without spending too much money: a few good pieces will be enough for multiple outfits—unlike clothes, which you need to switch out every day or two. Another good thing about jewelry is that, depending on the style that’s used in its design, it can be fairly subtle or understated. In other words, if you want to use jewelry to represent something you love in a way that isn’t off-putting or which will make your fashion sense look strange.

So with these kinds of benefits of jewelry in mind, it’s no surprise that this form of accessory can be used to represent your favorite fandom. So if your favorite fandom is, let’s say, Naruto, then you can definitely buy Naruto jewelry to represent that love. And if you really love Naruto, then you can find that kind of jewelry here on this site, Anime Badass. There are reasonable prices for all kinds of items featuring your favorite characters.

For example, one pretty piece of Naruto jewelry is the necklaces with the logo of Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village, for the pendant. The cord is black, and the pendant itself—which is attached with a small silver clip—is red or silver. You can also get another necklace which has the silver version of the pendant, along with another pendant that represents the headband worn by ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village, which is silver in color with the logo in black.

If Konoha jewelry isn’t your style, there are also necklaces that mimic the ones worn by the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju. These look like long crystals, and the model is offered in both green or blue. Tsunade, the current Hokage, also has similar versions of this necklace offered, along with a silver model.

Alternately, another possible necklace idea is the one worn by Itachi Uchiha on the show, with several silver-colored circles arranged around the string of the necklace. There is also a necklace with two pendants—one each for the shuriken, the throwing star, and the kunai, the ninjas’ dagger—and a pendant representing the Dojutsu Uchiha eye technique. If necklaces aren’t your thing but you still like Naruto jewelry, you can also find rings, including the ten differently colored rings of the Akatsuki, rings representing the various Sharingan eye techniques, and rings emblazoned with the logo of Konoha. You can also find earrings with cool designs: the red clouds of the Akatsuki robes, a chibi version of Kakashi, the Sharingan symbols, and a stud of the Kyuubi, the nine-tailed fox demon.

Other jewelry featured on the site includes bracelets. For example, there are bracelets with the Konoha logo—in the metallic colors of black, silver, and gold, as well as one with a quilted band and the Konoha logo, resplendent on a gold color, attached to the front of it. Other stylish examples of bracelets include those which are made of multiple braids in fabric, and which feature logos like the red cloud of the Akatsuki, various Sharingan abilities, and one which features the Konoha logo and is attached to a similar ring via a chain.

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