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Naruto--and its sequels, Naruto Shippuden and Boruto--is one of the most popular franchises of anime and manga. It’s easy to understand why: the comics and shows all kinds of stuff that appeals to people of all ages, from ninja magic to pervy humor to a well-built world. The characters are likable, fairly realistic for a shounen series, and develop as time goes on, while maintaining an air of mystery that intrigues fans; the dialogue is fast and witty; and the mascots include all kinds of fun, cute animal-like creatures (here’s lookin’ at you, Kurama the Kyuubi and giant toads of Myōboku).

So, if you’ve got this far into this article, it seems that you, too, are a fan of Naruto. And if you’re reading this article, on this particular website (Anime Badass), then you almost certainly are looking for products and merch of the Naruto variety. And who could blame you? Not only is the franchise cool as anything, but so is its merchandise, from the full outfits of the Akatsuki (hat, wig, cloak, and ring included) to the awesomely cool pictures of the main characters in action poses, which you’ll find on backpacks, hoodies, and other pieces of Naruto gear.

So, if you’re looking for a Naruto store or a "Naruto shop near me" where you can find all the best cool Naruto stuff, Anime Badass has got you covered. The website has many categories of merch for this particular franchise, such as accessories (in a host of categories: cosplay, bags and wallets, phone cases, shoes and slippers, and jewelry), clothing and apparel, toys and action figures, as well as novelties and gifts.

Let’s review these categories one at a time. In the Bags & Wallets category, you’ll find all kind of neat Naruto items to buy, including cute backpacks and drawstring gym bags with logos from the franchise: icons of the Sharingan, the Uchiha clan’s fan icon, the image representing the Hidden Leaf Village, and of course the logo of the franchise itself, which features the Hidden Leaf logo with the main character’s name in a bold, handwritten all-caps font. Another backpack features Kurama, drawn in a cute, stylized fashion, who is sleeping along with the chibi Naruto lying on top of him.

When it comes to wallets, these are available in abundance as well: you’ll find Naruto products like a red-and-black model with birds and a Sharingan logo to represent Itachi Uchiha; a unisex wallet with different patterns, featuring cool poses of Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi; and a wallet featuring the red cartoon clouds that represent the Akatsuki.

In the Naruto Clothing & Apparel category, you’ll find all manner of clothes of Naruto merch, including hoodies, shirts--with both long and short sleeves--3D T-shirts and hoodies, jackets, and even a letterman-style baseball jacket in black and white. The items of Naruto clothing on these pages nicely complement the pieces of Naruto items to buy in the Jewelry category. These pages feature rings (for both fingers and ears), necklaces, and bracelets. These items are great for cosplay--we already mentioned the Akatsuki ring; also available are copies of the first Hokage’s necklace, for example--but they also work well on their own, as functional items you can wear in your everyday life.

More examples of Naruto merchandise that can be found on the site are listed in the Phone Cases, which displays (you guessed it) phone cases. There are phone cases with cool, gritty, and cute images of all your fave characters, including Itachi, Sakura, Gaara, and Shikamaru. Other cases in this Naruto store online feature logos and iconography of the franchise, such as the imagery of the cloak of the Fourth Hokage and the Akatsuki.

There’s also the Shoes & Slippers collection. Here, you’ll find some more examples of the best Naruto merchandise. There are neat black, toeless shinobi/ninja shoes, which look great for cosplay but which can also be worn when it’s more warm outside. There’s a pair of black shoes, tied with laces and styled with Sharingan symbols and the red clouds of the Akatsuki, and a pair of comfy slippers, decorated with cute images of the main characters, that are meant for wearing at home. On this Naruto store online, there is also other shoes and footwear that can be worn for cosplay: the red geta (sandals) Jiraiya wears, the knee-length black boots Sasuke wears in Naruto Shippuden, and the dark strappy sandals worn by Shippuden-era Hinata.

Finally, the Gifts & Toys category has all kinds of cool Naruto stuff and Naruto Shippuden merchandise, including cute chibi stickers that are as perfect for iPhones and laptops as they are for sticker books, a frog wallet styled after Naruto’s own Gamachan, chibi-styled figurines and action figures in powerful poses, including Kakashi, Shikamaru, Boruto, Obito, and Rock Lee. You’ll also find other examples of Naruto items, like multiple-piece wall stickers, keychains and keyrings, fidget spinners, wall art (both paper and canvas), mouse pads, bedding sets (sheets, pillowcases, and duvet cover), mugs, and plushies, including some of Kurama, Gaara, and Pakkun.

Another category, the Naruto Collection, showcases collections of various miscellaneous Naruto items, including Akatsuki rings (buy them individually to complete the pieces of your Deidara or Tobi costume), more phone cases, keychains and keyrings, and other cosplay pieces. All in all, you’ll find items dedicated to Konoha, the Uchiha family, the Akatsuki, and (somewhat surprisingly but no less happily) team leader Kakashi. This collection features, for example, stylishly cool Akatsuki phone cases--here, the clouds are drawn with thick white lines, emphasizing their puffiness--a necklace with a kunai for a pendant, and a warm 3D hoodie in various vibrant colors. You can also find a set featuring Itachi’s ring and ninja headband, along with a necklace with a red cloud for its pendant.

And hey, if you’re a fan of other anime as well? Have a look at the rest of Anime Badass, where you can find merch for your favorite franchises--such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, Fairy Tail, Bleach, One Piece, and One Punch Man--in addition to all the best official Naruto merchandise and Naruto accessories. You won’t be disappointed by the offerings: in fact, you might even be pleasantly surprised.

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