Naruto Ring

Rings are cool. Naruto is cool. So if you put those two facts together, what do you get? The answer that Naruto rings are cool, which is obviously true. Allow me to explain how (and why).

First off, the Naruto ring represents different, equally cool things, depending on the circumstances and on the patterns you’ll see on them. First of all, each of the Akatsuki has a signet ring. This is a ring with a family crest or other symbol or icon, which is placed on a flat bezel. Historically, if the icon had deep enough relief on it, you could use it as your own personal seal for documents by stamping it into wax beforehand. And in the real world, you’ll see people from all kinds of professions wearing them, such as engineers, for example.

But in the Naruto world, you’ll see the Akatsuki—the criminal syndicate of ninjas, working in pairs, who aim to take over the world—wearing the signet rings, each with their own individual ring. That is to say, Itachi has his own, Deidara has his own, Sasori has his own, and so on and so forth. Each one has a symbol of traditional Japanese kanji on them, overlaid on a plain, single-color background that, as with the symbol, varies depending on which ring is being worn. Konan’s, for example, is white in color, and features the kanji symbol for that color. Each of the ten rings is worn on a different fingers; Konan’s is worn on the middle finger of his right hand.

So much for the Akatsuki Naruto ring: you’ll find Itachi’s, which is bright red in color, on the Anime Badass website—both with a gold and a silver band—as well as the others, each sold individually in only one style. But there are all kinds of stylish Naruto rings: a silver signet ring featuring the bright red icon of the Sharingan, a powerful range of abilities that is performed using the eye; brass-colored rings with the icons of the Rinne Sharingan technique; the Uchiha ring, which again is silver in color and features one of the red Sharingan symbols of the Uchiha family.

Some other rings on the site include Naruto cosplay rings, which come in various metallic shades—gold, silver, and shiny black—and which feature the icon of Naruto’s Hidden Leaf Village. This Naruto ring is available in both stainless steel and titanium. Sizes range from 6 to 13, and you can buy them either individually or together as a set.

All the rings are reasonably priced, generally for less than 10 American dollars), and look great either with cosplay or with any other outfit. After all, an elegant ring will add class and style to any outfit—and there’s no doubt that these cool ings will look great whether or not you’re wearing a costume, especially the Akatsuki rings.

The Akatsuki rings are also really cool because the kanji symbols they feature really are the ones you’ll see in Japanese writing—which means that, if ever you’re caught off guard and don’t want to reveal your love for your favorite fandom for fear of embarrassed (probably a not uncommon scenario for anime fans like us), you can just say something about how, say, your ring’s face is white, so it makes sense that it says ‘white’ in Japanese.

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