Naruto Sweatshirt

If you’re anything like me, then you like sweatshirts. Of course, hoodies are the best—there’s just something extraordinarily comforting about wearing a sweater with a hoodie when it’s cold out—but regular hoodies will definitely do in a pinch. And if you’re a Naruto fan, then there are countless examples of the quality Naruto sweatshirt to choose from. For example, are you a fan of the Uchihas, the family or clan to which Sasuke and Itachi both belong? If so, then Anime Badass has you covered: the website features two sweatshirts emblazoned with their logo—which resembles a traditional red Japanese fan, with a white base—on the back, in many colors, including black, bright pink, the color of blood oranges, white, and pale gray The same model of shirt has the image of one of the logos of the Sharingan eye-ability jutsu on it, placed on the lapels, in the front of it.

A similar shirt is available in cotton; this one can be purchased with the same design (Sharingan logo at the lapels, Uchiha family logo in the back), or with other logos on the front: the franchise logo and title, other Sharingan logos, and so forth.

If you’re still a fan of the Uchihas but a sports-based/athletic look is more your style, then you can also get the Uchiha Naruto sweatshirt, which features the family name and the numbers 00 on the back of the sweatshirt. This one is available in the exact same colors—light pink, black, white, pale gray, blood orange—and runs the gamut of sizes from XXS to 4XL (Asian sizes). These sweaters are soft and comfy, and the colors are bright and vibrant.

Another kind of Naruto sweatshirt to choose from is one which features the titular ninja, illustrated in an artistic, almost impressionist style with vibrant colors, holding a kunai (ninja dagger) in his mouth as he looks bravely ahead (off to the side from the angle of whoever’s looking at the sweatshirt). This shirt is a pullover and the print is 3D. It’s also available with other designs as well: one with Frieza from Dragon Ball, arms crossed and looking tough against a galactic background; another with Saitama, with main character of One Punch Man, illustrated in a dark and gritty style with lots of shadows.

Another sweatshirt features the Naruto nine-tailed fox seal design, drawn in white on a background of different colors, depending on which model you order: blue, white, black, navy blue, gray, and red. This thick sweatshirt has a slim fit, but the material is of similar thickness to fleece.

Finally, another shirt shows off how cool Itachi is. He is seen taking off his Akatsuki straw hat against a background filled with a red sky. The back of the sweatshirt features him looking powerful, perhaps conducting a jutsu, as he stands on shattering ground. Another print in the same model of sweatshirt offers a design of Shippuden-era Naruto and Sasuke, illustrated against and an orange and purple background, back-to-back against each other and looking supremely cool.

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