Naruto Plush Toys

OK. Are you guys ready for a big secret? Sure. OK. Here you go...

I. Love. Plushies.

I don’t feel the need to apologize, either—as, I’m sure, a lot of you don’t, either. We’ve all got plushie pride! We love the little (or big) things, with their soft fabrics, adorable faces, and cute bodies all filled with stuffing or down. I have enjoyed stuffed animals and plushies since I was a kid, and still do to this day. It’s especially easy to do so, in this day and age—even more than before—because, instead of only your standard stuffed bears and lizards and peregrine falcons, you can find plushies from your favorite anime, manga, or video games.

And we all know that Naruto is no exception. Whether you’re looking for Naruto plush toys featuring the determined adorableness of Naruto (whether in his younger or Shippuden looks), the cold aloofness of sand master Gaara, the badass wisdom of perverted master Kakashi, or even the cute dog Pakkun, with his floppy ears and ninja headband, you can find it on the website known as Anime Badass. The site offers all kinds of soft, cute plushies available in different colors and styles to represent your favorite characters. The Kakashi plushie is reading one of his favorite, um, magazines!

There are some Naruto plush of the Kyuubi—the bright orange, wildly (and surprisingly) adorable nine-tailed fox demon who lives inside Naruto—two of Naruto for both the original series and Shippuden, two of Boruto—the young son of Naruto and protagonist of his own spinoff series, who (let’s face it) has a cooler outfit than his father did at the same age—and two of Gaara, ninja-in-training from Sunagakure, the village hidden in the sand. There is also one of Itachi—looking surprisingly adorable and chibi despite the hard lines in his face and his angry frown—and one of Sasuke in his Shippuden outfit, with glowing (and angry) red eyes to match his super-cool nautical-inspired outfit.

What all of this saying is that, not only is Naruto plush in general cool (and, it’s true, really, really cute), but using the website, Anime Badass, is also a great way to purchase them. The site offers full refunds if your order is never delivered to you, and shipping is free around the world, no matter where you live on Planet Earth. This aspect is especially convenient because there won’t be any hidden fees whenever you’re buying something, just a conversion fee for whatever kind of currency you prefer. As a matter of fact, this aspect is really important if you live somewhere far away, where shipping rates are expensive—places like Australia and Canada. (As a Canadian myself, I can definitely attest to the high shipping rates!)

If you’re looking to improve your collection of Naruto paraphernalia with items other than plushies, the website offers a great variety of goods from the anime-and-manga franchise. You’ll find replica weapons (perfect for cosplay), clothes and apparel, school supplies, and even a cute coin purse shaped like one of the frogs.

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